Monday, 26 October 2009

The Designers Republic (OUGD101)

I discovered The Designers Republic in my Graphic Design book, "Contemporary Graphic Design" by Charlotte and Peter Fiell in which I discovered this design:

'Lovebeing - M5 Project For Coca-Cola'

This image can be found in book entitled "Contemporary Graphic Design" mentioned above.

What drew me in was the boldness of the design itself and the fantastic, warm colour combinations which really work with the notion of "Lovebeing". I was facinated enough to take a look at their website where I found a couple more designs I liked:

The following images can be found at:

'The Sheffield Pavilion'

The typography on this design is clearly the key feature. The best thing about it is that the letterforms are incredibly abstract which - for me - puts a very modern edge on The Sheffield Pavilion. A good example of how Graphic Design (and typography) affects corporate image.

'Sarah Staton Exhibition Flyer'

The subtle, stone-like colour combinations combine well with the fact that Sarah Staton is actually a sculptor as well as more importantly contributing to what is a sleek, modern design. It was also the (again) abstract typography titling the flyer that caught my attention.

In my opinion, The Design Republic are a quintessential example contemporary Graphic Design from what I have seen by them (which constitutes more than these 3 designs!)


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