Thursday, 8 October 2009

François Chalet (OUGD101)

Personally, I don't know a huge amount about François Chalet, but I came across this design of his in a book I own entitled 'Contemporary Graphic Design' by Charlotte and Peter Fiell: (It is a book that a good deal of what I know about Graphic Design has come from which is why I have - and will be - mentioning it quite a bit.)

'Word Magazine Cover (Month Unknown, 2005)'

This image can be found in the book a mentioned above.

Chalet is quoted in 'Contemporary Graphic Design' in saying that, "For me graphic design is about telling stories in a playful and optimistic way". I think that "playful" and "optimistic" match this design in description extremely well. The design has a lot of energy and good colour combinations which add to the "playful" feel of the image which also has a nice bit of type thrown in.


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