Saturday, 24 October 2009

iri5 (OUGD101)

'iri5' is the username of an anonymous Flikr photo sharing website user who produced the images below this piece of text. He claims to be an artist who, "specialises in using non-traditional media". Although he claims to be an artist, I see the communication in the following pieces to be very effective which is where I see these pieces of work crossing with Graphic Design. Like Stanley Donwood from earlier, this is where Fine Art and Graphic Design cross over:

All of the following images (and more by iri5) can be found at:

'John Lennon'

'Paul Simonon From The Clash (London Calling)'

'Bob Dylan'

'Robert Smith'

'Nick Cave'

The concept behind these pieces is great. The portraits of famous musicians are made up of the actual tape in original tape recordings of the artists themselves. The pieces therefore communicate through image, what the tape contains by building the image out of the object itself. This aspect of communication is - as I have said - what I believe makes these pieces of art credible within the field of Graphic Design.

What I also really like is how iri5 was influenced by the British philosopher, Gilbert Ryle's analogy of 'The Ghost In The Machine' (also the title of this series of works). The analogy - in a nutshell - explains Ryle's Dualist belief (that is, that the mind and body are seperate from each other and that the mind lives on after the body dies) as a development of Rene Decartes' philosophy which is best recognised through the famous quote, "I think, therefore I am".

So iri5 is essentially communicating 'The Ghost' (the musicans) who live in 'The Machine' (the tapes). Just as Ryle suggests that 'The Ghost' (the mind/soul) lives in 'The Machine' (the body).

All very deep and interesting (yet relevant) but it's a completely different tangent!

These compositions communicate their intentioned communication successfully.


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