Monday, 26 October 2009

R2 Design (OUGD101)

This particular piece designed by Liza Defossez And Ramalho And Artur Rebelo of R2 Design won a D&AD award in Graphic Design in the field of 'Environmental Graphics':

The following images can be found at:

'Vai Com Deus (Go With God)'

And when you look closer:

'Vai Com Deus (Go With God) (Close Up)'

This clever piece of typography was worked onto The Hermitage of Nossa Senhora dan Conceiçao which is a chapel in Lisbon built in 1707. It opened in 2008 as a gallery for contemporary Portuguese artists. Working with the Knockout typeface, Ramalho and Rebelo concentrated on the binding of the building formerly being a place of and it currently being a place of popular culture which led them to play with different expressions in the Portuguese language that refer to God in choosing what to display on the building.

I think this is a fantastic design which works well visually in expressing the buildings original purpose in combination with its current purpose through the artistic style in which the buildings walls are designed. A lovely way of combing the old and new.


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