Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Marco Brezerra (OUGD101)

Marco Brezerra is another D&AD winner this year in the area of design for point of sale in the category of Graphic Design. A simple and effective idea which gives the coffee being drank a bit of character. The stencils were made for an up market coffee house in a very trendy area of Berlin. Brezerra said that Berlin is - in his words - "the Mecca of street art" so he simply combined the idea of "cool and original" heros with street art to create the stencil designs.

In my eyes it is a simple, effective and original design:

The following images can be found at:

'Che Guevara'

'Barack Obama'

'Barack Obama Stencil'

Another good example of how broad a range of places Graphic Design can show up, not to mention another good example of the wide range of medias Graphic Design can be created in.


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