Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Matt Dent (OUGD101)

Matt Dent (as I have just discovered) is the name behind the regeneration of the design of our very own British currency. He created a modern design with the inclusion of the traditional element of the coat of arms very successfully. The way the coins work in the sense that you have to collect them all to make the coat of arms is clever as each coin ends up with its own individual, design with a section of the shield. The whole concept of collecting the coins is also a great idea as it mirrors the fact the some people collect coins in general. Here are the designs displayed:

'Current UK Coinage'

This image can be found at:

The success of this design in combination with how massively it is distributed, are sure to have been factors in this design winning a D&AD award this year. A very good design and one we won't be seeing disappear shortly. If anything with inflation on the increase, we'll probably seeing more of it than ever!


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