Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Music (OUGD101)

Designed by Anthony Smith and David Simpson of Music (the name of the design company of which they work for), these Christmas cards appeal to me as they take the usual and stereotypical element out of a Christmas card.

The cards were D&AD winners in Graphics Design in the field of 'Greetings Cards & Invitations'.

Smith and Simpson claim the designs hold the purpose of bringing, "music into the minds of clients and peers". They used recycled record sleeves to create the designs and added - in their words - "a touch of sparkle" by which they must mean some typography, which is necessary to communicate the point of the card. The eco friendly aspect of the cards is a plus too. Here are a few of my favourites:

The following images can be found at: http://awards.dandad.org/2009/categories/grpd/graphic-design/23885/music-christmas-cards

'Design 1'

'Design 2'

'Design 3'

'Design 4'

All in all, top stuff and a rightful D&AD winner.


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