Friday, 16 October 2009

Original Source Shower Gel (OUGD101)

I have always thought that the packaging to Original Source Shower Gel has been a great piece of packaging design. In my opinion, it is a good use of type to create a modern bit of innovative packaging design which always stands out to me amongst all other shower gel competitors on the shelves.

The clever use of black and white is complemented by the colour of the actual shower gel itself. In this sense, the product itself becomes part of the design which is great.

'Original Source All Types'

This image can be found at:

'Original Source Lime'

This image can be found at:

The fact that this design stands out makes it better in comparison with other shampoo designs. Personally, I always seem to notice it first on the shelves in a supermarket. This is obviously an important factor but I also think the boldness and modernness of the design is certainly integral in appealing to the young adult target audience.


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