Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ralph Steadman (OUGD101)

Ralph Steadman is mainly considered to be an illustrator although I have always been been taught that the boundaries of Graphics and Illustration cross over so much that I believe that you could still consider Steadman's work as graphics. Here are some of my favourites:

'Between The Eyes'

This image can be found at:

I absolutely love how Steadman created the type with inks. It's a great effect. It is very similar to the 'Collateral Damage' typeface I posted earlier.

'Savage Journey To The Heart Of The American Dream'

This image can be found at:

I know this particular image from the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson with whom Steadman was good friends with. Steadman also produced a good deal of the illustrations that accompany Thompson's books. Steadman's illustrations have a very exaggerated quality communicated in them which helps to communicate Hunter S. Thompson's wild lifestyle extremely well.

'Meejay Dr. Gonzo'

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'Hunter On Ducati'

This image can be found at:

There is a great deal of energy in the image above and Steadman has communicated it very well. Hunter S. Thompson is apparently road testing a Ducati sports motorcycle to destruction.


This image can be found at:

The illustration depicts Richard Nixon as an octopus. It was created around the time of the Watergate Scandal and communicates how hectic the time was for Nixon very well in my opinion.

Regardless of weather a piece of work is seen as illustration or graphic design, both of them have a purpose of communication. This is something Steadman does well in his images and due to his successful communication I see no reason why his work should not be considered within the spectrum of Graphic Design.


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