Monday, 19 October 2009

Si Scott (OUGD101)

After discovering that Si Scott is a well established Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Typographer in my interview for the Leeds College of Art, I decided to look into him a bit more in my spare time and what I saw I liked a lot.

His design is so intricate which makes it visually spectacular, not to mention that it enhances the communication within the design which makes it very appropriate. I personally love psychedelic Graphic Design of or influenced by the 1960s. I can't say I know weather Scott was influenced by this style of Graphics as I don't know, but I do get a visual impression of this from his work which I really do like. Here are a few examples of his work that I like in particular:


This image can be found at:

The sheer perfection and intricacy of the image really communicates this idea of 'excellence'. The type becomes an 'excellent' image.


This image can be found at:

The shape and form of this illustrative and - what I like to call - psychedelic style of Scott's protruding from the 'O' again, communicates the idea suggested in the text further. Although the style is the same as in 'Excellence', it is the way it is used which effects the communication of the type which is great. The style is very distinct which I feel is effective in creating a design identity for himself.

'The Heart of Design Still Beats'

This image can be found at:

Another example of Scott's brilliant style. God knows how long it must take. I have so much respect for that.

Scott produced the cover to a March issue of New Scientist I bought which displayed another great example of his typography in a different style to that of the above although I can't find an example of it on the internet and I left the copy back in Loughborough before I came to university. The issue was entitled 'Second Genesis' (The text which the typography is done in) and I'll try to get it on here if I can. Otherwise, I guess if you want to see it then you might have to find it yourself! It's a great design though.


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