Monday, 29 March 2010

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass (OUGD103)

Fantastic music video. A brilliantly elaborate concept that maintains a connection with the song title. No editing needed. The content speaks for itself.


Projekt Triangle - Shipping Data (OUGD104)

This piece of information Graphics by Projekt Triangle is indicative of the direction of my work based around the concept of forming countries with no borders and solely through line. Projekt Triangle have mapped the massive amount of shipping data as an interesting way of visually conveying this information.

This method of mapping through line is integral to my 'countries formed by line' concept.


WHERE - This piece in particular was produced for a Projekt Triangle exhibition which Dutch told me that he went to see.

WHO - People who take an interest in information graphics. Shipping enthusiasts?!

WHAT - The image forms a unique shape of the world formed by shipping routes from across the world. The general communication is of the activity in the world. Clearly there is a lot! This is how the piece works as an informative piece of Graphic Design.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Platform - The Lab - Nesta (OUGD103)

Very cool design by Platform. Clever use of type forming image. This piece of design is informing my own perspective of Graphic Design and helping me to understand how Graphic Design works for me as a developing designer.


WHERE - Anything associated with the interdisciplinary arts organisation with it's own space called, 'The Lab' in San Francisco. Web, brochures, publications etc.

WHO - Anyone who is artistically minded. The logo itself is visually creative like the people it is aimed at. The type works within the space to form a creative result just as people of the arts work within 'The Lab' to produce all things creative.

WHAT - Quite simply, branding. Platform were given the brief of branding The Lab and this is the result. An appropriate design that is conceptually relevant to the workings of The Lab itself.


Communication Is A Virus - Horned Melon (OUGD103)

This is a video about the exotic Horned - or Kiwano Melon. The video states the many uses of the strange fruit that most chefs and culinary enthusiasts certainly may not know about. It is these uses that Kirsty and I want to make chefs aware of in terms of encouraging exciting further experimentation within cooking. This is driving our ideas forward. Here's the video:

The video comes from a website where strange food ideas are often explored. The website is;


Friday, 12 March 2010

What Is A Line? - UK Rail Map (OUGD104)

This graphic map of the United Kingdom rail network obviously has the purpose to communicate train routes across the UK. However, it is the connections between each location that form the country of the UK. As an image alone with no information, the shapes and connections still resemble the border and outline of the UK.

This is a fantastic example of how visual recognition of a country's shape can still be held using lines and connections that do not relate to its borders.

The connections unify the country making it what it is visually, as well as maintaining the significance of the social and patriotic connection between settlements in the UK.

The map has the potential to speak more than just where trains travel between.


Communication Is A Virus - Unusual Fruit (OUGD103)

Here are some very unusual fruit which have been informing part of mine and Kirsty's research as something new to try. Some of the shapes are really interesting and have the potential for effective visual experimentation.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Communication Is A Virus - Yummistanbul (OUGD103)

This is a lovely deign that incorporates the visual elements of eating to fit the the visualisation of what it is communicating. The knives and forks are positioned in such a way that they resemble mosque spires of Istanbul communicating effectively the culture of the cuisine. A clever visual synergy of design and context is produced.

Communication Is A Virus - Selfridges & Co. New Juice Bar (OUGD103)

Selfridges new juice bar offers interesting fruit graphics in its design. It's something to consider when working with two colours plus stock as we will be unable to display photos. The vibrance of colour in the design is nicely indicative of the general visual aspect of fruit being colourful and puts a positivity on the nature of Selfridges new juice bar project. here are the relating designs:


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Boys And Girls Lego Table (OUGD103)


Communication Is a Virus - Carlos Garde-Martin (OUGD103)

I thought this piece of design by Carlos Garde-Martin was nice as a way of working with food, as it is the central figure of the concept and communication in the design. It is a digital postcard which can be purchased to raise money for the people affected by the earthquakes in Haiti. Here is is:

To Haiti With Love

This image can be found at:


Communication Is A Virus - The Fat Duck (OUGD103)

Heston Blumenthal's restaurant - The Fat Duck - is noted for pioneering in unusual dishes on its menu. Blumenthal's complex philosophy relates to how the brain reacts to certain tastes and how it affects our mood. The logo design of his restaurant combines visual elements relating to dining (knife and fork) with duck feathers to create an apt visual representation of what the restaurant is about - unusual food - whilst encapsulating the restaurants name visually also.

Here is a link to the website which contains a menu. This is a big influence on the exploration of unusual food and cuisine which is fueling mine and Kirsty's project:


Website Logo

The Fat Duck Restaurant Sign

Here's a cool video explaining the process behind Blumenthal's recognised Bacon & Egg Ice-cream:

It is this idea of unusual foods that we want to communicate to our audience. We want people to venture out and explore food and we hope to communicate this Graphically. The Fat Duck logo is a good example of communicating the idea of unusual food.


Friday, 5 March 2010

What Is Line? - The Worlds Boundaries (OUGD104)

Country borders are a classic example of a definition of borders and boundaries. Although it's not just countries. Within countries we have formed provinces and counties and within them cities, towns and villages with their own boundaries. All of this has a defining factor in discerning where we are from. In a sense, these borders and boundaries unite in creating a visual structure, identity and shape to a country. These screen shots I made from Google Earth zooming in help to illustrate this:


FIRST THE WORLD... A spherical object in itself which can be seen as our boundary from what is terrestrial and extraterrestrial. The countries of the world can be seen by their borders...

THEN EUROPE... Zooming in the countries of Europe become clearer and are defined by their borders outlines.

THEN THE UK... The UK is clearer now. Unlike most countries its border is defined almost entirely by coastline, but nevertheless, it is this shape that has in time created a visual identity for the UK...

THEN COUNTIES... Moving closer, the counties of the UK become visible showing these boundaries within the boundary of the UK...

THEN LOUGHBOROUGH... And finally zooming onto my home town of Loughborough which has an easily distinguishable boundary due to the urbanised areas that make up the town...

Hopefully this shows how definition and identity can be discerned from the borders and boundaries that we have created in the past without the intention of being recognised aerially.


Visual Language - What Is Line? (OUGD104)

Jose Mendes -

Another design buy this guy Jose Mendes that I've come across. It's an interesting design where line is very prominent in the image. The design is for a company called MOOD who - according to Mendes - "create and produce works of enlightenment". I have no idea what this means. Maybe something to do with clarity and purity?! However, I believe that Mendes has succeeded in creating a new, visually appealing identity for MOOD.


In Design Brief - Jose Mendes (OUGD103)

Jose Mendes - M20

This image can be found at:

I love the angular forms and type on this design by Portuguese designer Jose Mendes for the cover of a catalogue celebrating the 20th anniversary of the M2 Fine Print House. Something to consider as my subject, Nat Jackson, claimed to be very keen on geometry and strong shapes in graphics.


Visual Language - What Is Line? (OUGD104)

In relation to design ideas relating to 'Darts', I thought these silhouettes were a good example of shape and form within the subject area of which line can create a prominent distinction between each flight.

This image can be found at:


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Steve Davis Vs. Denis Taylor - 1985 World Championship Snooker Final (OUGD104)

Snooker is a fantastic example of how objects can react with each other in order to forma line of movement. Just a shame Steve Davis couldn't do it to the best of his accuracy to seal another title! Ha!

Discussion Entailing What A Line Might Be (OUGD104)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

What Is Line? (OUGD104)

Blur your eyes slightly or zoom out and this Soulwax album cover proves to be an interesting use and interpretation of line.

What Is Line? (OUGD104)

A flyer I picked up in Leeds:

What Is Line? (OUGD104)

A club flyer for the club Stealth that I picked up in Nottingham.

What Is A Line? - Initial Examples (OUGD104)

Here are my initial images in relation to the three categories given to kick start the brief.





What Is A Line - Banana Ripening (OUGD104)

Came across this on the internet and saw it as relevant to the notion of line through progression over time.