Sunday, 14 March 2010

Communication Is A Virus - Horned Melon (OUGD103)

This is a video about the exotic Horned - or Kiwano Melon. The video states the many uses of the strange fruit that most chefs and culinary enthusiasts certainly may not know about. It is these uses that Kirsty and I want to make chefs aware of in terms of encouraging exciting further experimentation within cooking. This is driving our ideas forward. Here's the video:

The video comes from a website where strange food ideas are often explored. The website is;



  1. Glad you liked my video! Did you use the Kiwano in any recipes?
    Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

  2. Hi! In fact yeah. We're looking at the Kiwano Melon in our project! We're looking at promoting a recipe that goes by the name of, "Romaine Salad With Edamine And Creamy Horned Melon Dressing". Seems interesting.

    The video was very informative so thanks a lot!