Sunday, 14 March 2010

Platform - The Lab - Nesta (OUGD103)

Very cool design by Platform. Clever use of type forming image. This piece of design is informing my own perspective of Graphic Design and helping me to understand how Graphic Design works for me as a developing designer.


WHERE - Anything associated with the interdisciplinary arts organisation with it's own space called, 'The Lab' in San Francisco. Web, brochures, publications etc.

WHO - Anyone who is artistically minded. The logo itself is visually creative like the people it is aimed at. The type works within the space to form a creative result just as people of the arts work within 'The Lab' to produce all things creative.

WHAT - Quite simply, branding. Platform were given the brief of branding The Lab and this is the result. An appropriate design that is conceptually relevant to the workings of The Lab itself.


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