Monday, 29 March 2010

Projekt Triangle - Shipping Data (OUGD104)

This piece of information Graphics by Projekt Triangle is indicative of the direction of my work based around the concept of forming countries with no borders and solely through line. Projekt Triangle have mapped the massive amount of shipping data as an interesting way of visually conveying this information.

This method of mapping through line is integral to my 'countries formed by line' concept.


WHERE - This piece in particular was produced for a Projekt Triangle exhibition which Dutch told me that he went to see.

WHO - People who take an interest in information graphics. Shipping enthusiasts?!

WHAT - The image forms a unique shape of the world formed by shipping routes from across the world. The general communication is of the activity in the world. Clearly there is a lot! This is how the piece works as an informative piece of Graphic Design.


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