Saturday, 3 April 2010

Christoph Niemann - States Of The Union (OUGD104)

This illustration by my favourite and most influential illustrator/designer - Christoph Niemann - was very influential in my own experimentation in communicating identity through a country when considering its boundaries. Just as Niemann uses the US states to communicate a message, I experimented with the British counties. Here is the design which is from the Nozone magazine - the brainchild of also illustrator/designer, Nicholas Blechman:

'Nozone - States of the Union'


WHERE - This graphic illustration can be found on the inside cover of Nicholas Blechman's Nozone IX magazine. It is a magazine fueled by strong politcal opinions. Particularly relating to American politics and consumerism (although this design in particular does not relate directly to consumerism).

WHO - Certainly anti-Republicans of America! This particular piece of design narrates the opinion of how George Bushes' government used the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to go to war. This is what the unreadable text is about on the image. The images made up of the US states help to communicate the narrative of anti-Bush nature.

WHAT - To express opinion and shock. The design is controversial by its very nature of being anti-government and anti-war.


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