Saturday, 3 April 2010

Graphic Thought Facility - Paris Calling (With M/M Paris) (OUGD104)

This GTF piece of design is another pioneering example of information graphics at its best. The poster is for a London exhibition of Paris-based artists. The spirit of the exhibition enticed the French to work with the British to create the design. The result is a beautifully constructed and visually informative poster that communicates the various locations of the exhibition of itself:

This too has influenced me in my 'linear europe' piece in the fact that it has managed to create a visually appealing, directionally communicative piece of design that expresses the form of something as familiar as a mapped area of london in an abstract, yet recognisable way.



WHERE - As the poster is for an exhibition in London, the poster would be located around London. Tube stations, bus stops etc.

WHO - The culturally orientated due to the fact that it is an art exhibition. French people living in England too perhaps.

WHAT - The poster is very informative. Not only does it succeed by creating a unique design to give the exhibition an image on the street, it also succeeds in informing the general public of the various venues of the exhibition itself. French imagery connected to the map itself hints on the theme of the exhibition making it relevant.


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