Thursday, 8 April 2010

Newsnight General Election Constituency Map (OUGD104)

This map that I took as a screen shot from Newsnight on Tuesday the 6th of April illustrates which parties gained control of which constituencies in the 1979 General Election, which was won by the Conservatives.

As opposed to viewing a literal map of the United Kingdom, where the sizes of constituency boundaries is inconsistent, the constituencies have been cleverly transformed into equally sized hexagons whilst maintaining the general shape of the UK in order to maintain a recognition of the location of the constituencies. The result is an easy to understand information graphic of the United Kingdom, which clearly shows the party with the majority of constituency seats.

The boundaries of recognition are pushed yet still kept through the shape of the UK whilst communicating effectively.

An election seat calculator that can be played with to visualise potential outcomes of the election which uses exactly the same map as above can be found here:


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