Friday, 23 April 2010

Real Crisps: Politi-Crisps (OUGD103)

Welsh crisp company Real crisps are clearly very in touch with current affairs due to how rapidly they've managed to release these crisps alongside the general election campaign. Very cool:


WHERE - The shops of the UK, although Fred told me that they were giving them out at Leeds train station. The design is extremely current relating to the general election campaign.

WHO - People with political interests and swing voters. More or less the entire country. The general election is one of few issues that effect the entire population.

WHAT - In order to raise an awareness of the General Election to the nation. Particularly swing voters and those who don't take that much of an interest in the election. By creating this design, Real Crisps are raising awareness of a message that a lot of people choose to take an interest through something that most people like. A very successful, non-bias (due to each packet having the same flavour!) piece of graphic design.

Vote on the Real Crisps poll!

Lib Dems are winning for some reason. Amazing how after one debate the public suddenly become aware of their existence!


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