Wednesday, 28 April 2010

World Cup Posters (OUGD103)

WHO, WHAT, WHERE? - I was casually crawling around the internet looking for the Argentina 1978 World Cup logo (next post), when I can across official posters for every FIFA World Cup that there has been. And as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is coming up I thought I'd put some on here. I was actually pretty impressed by some of the standards of design for the time in which they were created. Each poster carefully considers the obvious football element whilst cleverly maintaing elements of the country in which the World Cup is situated.

RELATING TO BRIEF - The World Cup is highly regarded as one of the greatest and most exciting sporting events, so the design behind it needs to be fun, exciting and innovative. The tournament has extremely festive qualities which is certainly reflected in the choice of
colouration in each design. With tonal contrasts of colours with high chromatic values comes visual excitement which reflects the festivity of the tournament. This is the kind of excitement I would love to convey in my own packaging for my brief to establish a connection between students and the fun and freedom of freshers week.

Here are my favourite ones of the lot. My favourite would have to be Uruguay 1930. This design in particular is very much ahead of its time!:

Uruguay 1930

Chile 1962

Mexico 1970

West Germany 1974

Argentina 1978

All of the posters can be found at:


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