Friday, 7 May 2010

Anthony Burrill (OUGD103)

Anthony Burrill is a Graphic Illustrator originally from Lancashire. He has worked for such clients as The Economist, The London Underground and The British Library.

WHO, WHAT, WHERE? - The following illustrative posters were commissioned by NY GO. They follow the timeless New York slogan created by Milton Glaser that is, "I Love NY" and are designed to bring tourism to the city. The colours are something I intend to interpret in my own way in my design for the Speaking From Experience brief. Bright, vibrant and highly chromatic. The colours certainly attract attention to the design, especially as it is aimed at tourists. The - what is now known as universal - slogan, "I love NY" engages with an international and the various times of day depicted run with the notion that the city, 'never sleeps'.


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