Monday, 10 May 2010

Pretty Green Clothing (OUGD103)

For some reason (probably for more money or just plain sibling rivalry with his brother Noel), Liam Gallagher started his own clothing label. He managed to get some decent designers in for the branding by the looks of it. The clothing brand is aimed at new age mods and what could easily be described as rich indie kids so it therefore required an appropriate logo to fit the theme. Low and behold, the 60s come into play again! Clearly, the 60s are seen as something pretty trendy amongst the youth which makes it very appropriate for my project with the target audience being freshers. Type as image is a common theme in 60s typography with the letterforms twisting and curving to fit any shape possible. Pretty Green utilise this technique in their branding. It is something that associates itself with my works direction quite heavily.



Website screenshot displaying t-shirt designs that bear the logo above:


Designed by Tenfold.

Liam Gallagher Signing The Packaging


I assume the brand name came from the song Pretty Green by The Jam due to the clothing brand's heavy relation to culture of which The Jam were situated. Here's a video of the song live. It's a pretty well known tune.


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