Thursday, 21 October 2010

1935 monopoly original edition

This is one of the original monopoly board games that was created during the depression as a way of encouraging people to be amused. The streets are of nowhere significant and are made up. The most striking thing to me is that the design of the actual board has barely changed since this original edition was released. In many ways I actually prefer this design to many of the monopoly package designs I have seen previously.


The design would have been modern for the time due to the inclusion of a sans serif typeface, styalised images and minimal colour. The colour would certainly have been good for the printing process. I would imagine that that game would have been made cheaply as this would have been affected by the depression itself and this is reflected by the choice of colours. The only colours are on the box and the cards! However, due to the range of colours CMYK printing was probably necessary. Money is distinguished cleverly through different coloured stocks. This stock consideration is clever and has been carried through to even the most modern versions of the game. As for print production it was likely to have been done through either lithography or rotogravure as in 1935, they were the most popular and most printing processes. Flexography was in development and not so widespread although its use for the packaging cannot be ruled out.

All in all a fascinating visual insight into the history of Monopoly. Here is the original game:







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