Tuesday, 5 October 2010

bacchus raspberry beer

In the studio I worked with Will D., Niall and Sam in order to analyse the print and packaging for Bacchus Raspberry Beer. Here is an image of the bottle wrapped up in the paper that we analysed:

Bacchus Belgian Raspberry Beer


  • Appropriate typefaces. Draws off connotation of tradition and values of the past. Postmodern. Combines various styles of the past in order to create a new design. Eg. Typography influenced from the past combines with stylised man drinking beer that gives remanence of 30s design.
  • Designers would have had to research into other flavoured beers on the market to gain a knowledge of competitors.
  • Kept niche to be traditional and by being traditional, it keeps the product niche as flavoured novelty beers are a niche market.
  • International design. Multilingual on packaging as well as clearly establishing what the product is through appropriate imagery. Eg. The man drinking a beer on the front. Universality in design. Communicates product effectively.
  • Relevant colour of the design would need to have been researched and experimented with. What is the best colour for a raspberry flavoured beer?
  • Contextual knowledge of the beer itself (nationality, history and status) would need to be throughly researched to develop a successful, well informed design that closely relates to the product.
  • Interactive to the customer/user/drinker. Paper is wrapped around the bottle like a present. Consumer becomes involved with the product by having to tear the paper in order to drink the beer. The product becomes an experience.
  • The paper wrapping itself acts as a much more primitive form of packaging as opposed to most modern beer packaging which simply consists of an adhesive label or two. The lack of adhesive label infers a lack of 'technology' to the design hinting on the traditional aspect of the product.
  • Traditional packaging for traditional beer.
  • Unified design over a product range. Eg. there is also a cherry flavoured beer. Bacchus brewing have also produced promotional products such as the glass and beer mat below which are unified with the product range. The beer mat design is even quoted as "The new "old-looking" beer coaster" by the Belgian Beer Board. Proving that the design is holding onto a traditional feel. ( http://belgianbeerboard.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=97&Itemid=88888994 )
  • The branding could easily (and probably has been) extended to other product elements.
Bacchus Cherry Flavoured Beer

Bacchus Brewing Co. Beer Mat

Bacchus Brewing Co. Glass W/ Beer Mat

  • Printing of the paper wrapping packaging was decided that it could have been done either lithographically (due to the thin stock and possibility of web printing) or flexographically (due to the paper having a certain waxy feel to it which may make it more suited to the flexographic printing method. Flexography is also compatible with web printing.)
  • Both lithography and flexography are capable of the 6 colour spot printing that was decided to the the colour system used after close inspection of the print quality.
  • The paper was likely to have been web printed then cut at the end of the production line and wrapped around the bottle by a machine for ease of production.
  • Beer drinkers. Particularly drinkers into trying new beers. Interaction with the product makes it niche and traditional because of the packaging format. As it is a unique beer, this makes it unique to beer enthusiasts and people experimenting with taste. It is as pretty close cut target market. It is a higher class of beer. Its uniqueness makes it suitable as a present. The idea of ripping open paper makes this coincidentally appropriate.
  • Although as a side product, anyone who likes a drink may want to try the beer regardless of its packaging.
  • Function dictates the form of the packaging in that you rip open the paper to drink it. The bottle dictates how the paper wraps around it. This also makes its a packaging method most suited to closely packaging the bottles for distribution and sale. After the function dictates the form, all that needed to be added was an appropriate design. Everything is married together nicely.
  • The scale of the packaging follows the form which takes up as little room as possible (as established in form & function). This makes it appropriate for the product.

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