Wednesday, 13 October 2010

choose determinism

These dice are from a blog entitled 'Choose Determinism'. The blog has been set up by a guy who enjoys discussing the possibilities of determinism and how it may counteract beliefs in the free will of humanity. The universe abides to the laws of physics. There is almost certain regularity in these laws through the fact that every effect appears to have a cause (let's not consider Big Bang theory arguments here). Determinism holds that the same works through morality. A human beings action is always determined by its cause. Determinists believe that the future cannot be changed.

The guy who set up this blog sells these quirky dice with 3 dots on every side along with a booklet about determinism. With 3 on every side of each die, you will always roll a 6. Do we have the free choice to become determinists or is it meant to be?

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