Saturday, 30 October 2010

chosen categories + chosen philosophers + decided 'property' colours

I have decided my categories of philosopher and which philosophers I decided fit best into the categories. The process had to consider the reputation of certain philosophers as well as how well they fit with their category counterparts. I also wanted a varied range of philosophers over time. This is why they range from Heraclitus (the oldest philosopher on the board) to Richard Swinburne (who is still alive today.)

Arranging all the philosophers chronologically simply wouldn't work because it would leave philosophers in property groups that don't hold any categorised significance for the set. This is why I chose to work with individual categories by colour as opposed to devising an impossible system to categorise philosophers by their main areas of study and to maintain some sort of chronological order.

An example of why this may not work is that for the Existentialists, the philosophers Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Sarte's lives span over roughly 200 years. It is simply easier to bring them together as Existentialists. Otherwise Sarte would probably end up with Richard Swinburne - who's philosophical ideas are not evidently intrinsically linked - in the 'Park Lane/Mayfair' category as they are the most contemporary philosophers on the board.

Without further ado, here are my decided categories listed in the correct order for the board. Meaning, Protagoras is the first space on the board after the beginning space, 'Go!':

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