Sunday, 3 October 2010

chosen topic of research


With the project, I intend to research in philosophy and the general act of thinking. Ideas that spring to mind involve bringing key philosophical ideas forward to a visual level as all philosophy tends to be literature based. Not everyone has the time to pick up Plato's Republic and give it a swift read and be expected to take in all the information on board.

Perhaps this project will lead down the path of getting people to think more and making them aware of potentially life changing ideas and beliefs relating to existence and purpose of life, without having to extensively read tricky, academic literature.

A potential typographical direction could be taken with philosophical quotes.

Method of delivery is a very key issue to be addressed. It must be original and engaging, possibly interactive. This should hopefully become apparent from the content of research which should direct how the message will be delivered.

Due to the general written nature of philosophy, a lot of research will be text driven - my challenge is to make this interesting as I go.

I want people to get excited about philosophy and be enthusiastic about contemplating some of the greatest questions of all time. I want to encourage abstract thinking, self awareness and acknowledgement of existence. It may all sound very pretentious, but this is a subject that genuinely interests me on a large scale.

A sociological direction could tie in.

How did the universe really begin? (Does God exist?) [Potentially scientific arguments]

Do we have a purpose in life? (What is defined as being human?) [Relations to Existentialism]

What is actually good? [Questioning the very notion of 'goodness' itself is a very good thing.]

Are we free in our actions, or are our actions determined? [Investigating Free Will and Determinism]

What is the Conscience? The world is confined in the mind through what we see. Does everyone see the same? Are the mind and body linked? [Descartes' famous, "I think therefore I am" idea. Sigmund Freud is important in this field.]

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