Wednesday, 20 October 2010

erin hanson - need to want less

This is quite possibly my favourite thing that I have seen in a very long time. This is very much the field of Graphic Design I am interested in entering.

Erin Hanson questions the essence of what it is to be human in this series of existentially based designs through raising issues relating to what we want, and what we need. What we want and what we need is one of the biggest paradoxes for humans. Everyone experiences it in some level in their life. A perfect example is a piece of rich chocolate cake after a substantially healthy meal. It also raises questions about commodities such as iPads. Does anyone reallyneed one?

My belief is that they do not. They are a load of rubbish. A waste of time. People can live their lives perfectly well without one. They are bought sheerly as a fashion accessory. People are obsessed with their identity and image. And wanting things is a derivative of this. And we try to convince ourselves that it makes things 'more convenient'.

People need to stop trying to convince themselves that all technology is useful and great for everything. The truth is is that technology develops and is used to make things easier for humans because at heart, we are all lazy any want everything done for us. Technology is developed for convenience and to make things 'easier'. If I want my shopping done, I can now go on the internet and do it to get it delivered to me. People say this is 'convenient'. I say it drives the essence out of being human. The ability to interact with the world and fend for ones self is taken for granted on a gargantuan scale. Go out and do your shopping yourself. Search and discover. There is no sense of being driven out of 'convenience'.

On the design side of things, the image works to communicate each 'want' and 'need' successfully and is accompanied with the type to explain the significance of the comparison. Visually it works well. The hierarchy seems to work. I tend to notice the image first due to the colour and my eyes follow down the page to the text. The visual process flows well in order to smoothly communicate the notion of the designs.

Without further ado, the design work:

Be seeing you!

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