Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Froosh are a Scandinavian smoothie company that hold very honest values. This being that they are very proud of the fact that their smoothies are actually 100% the fruit stated and not bulked out with oranges and bananas like a lot of smoothie companies do.

The company have recently had a rebrand from design company Pearlfisher which is why the product sports a cool new logo that cleverly uses two cherries as the two 'O's' in the brand's name as well as maintaining a natural feel through colour and shape.

The branding also seems to work nicely over a range as it has been nicely applied to a paper bag below.


Froosh's new design stands out making a bold typographical statement in interesting colours that blend well in a a palette that includes the colour of the smoothie. Due to what looks like a two colour plus stock system, the printed colours on the labels may well be spot colours.

The stock for the labels is likely to be a low gsm of paper. A high quality label is not a definite necessity for a product like this. This makes for cheaper production. And with cheap stock, a bit more money could go towards some spot colour printing. Paper bags would be particularly cheap to print due to the low gsm of stock also. Not only are they cheap to print, they match the whole 'natural' feel of the product.

The labels are likely to be lithographically printed. There is a good chance that they would have been tessellated over sheets and fed through the printer and die cut for application to the jar/glass. Same for the bag minus the tessellation method of printing.

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