Thursday, 21 October 2010

hans holbein the younger - the ambassadors

Perhaps an odd thing to be blogging for a Graphic Design course. However, it is not the art history that interests me in this particular case. It is a case of optical illusion. At the bottom of the painting there is what appears to be a baguette. To a first time viewer, or someone who is simply unfamiliar of this, the context of all the wonderful objects in the painting that the ambassadors have collected in their travels leads the viewer to simply believe that it is a baguette. However, when viewed at the correct angle, the baguette is distinguished as a skull. The 'baguette' is basically an elongated skull.

This principal of elongation is something interesting that could be applied to a form of promotional printing. A thought based design for my thought based product. This is conceptually how I want product promotion to work.

Hans Holbein The Younger - The Ambassadors (1533)

The Skull Illusion As Viewed From The Correct Angle

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