Wednesday, 20 October 2010

hello monday - københavn board game

This game was released in 2009 and is almost exclusive to Denmark. The game is a cross between Monopoly and a classic Danish game called Besserwisser. Like Monopoly, it is based on entrepreneurship and it is set in Copenhagen. Players buy property and develop it by building gardens and wind turbines and such.

The games's graphic design was done by a company called Hello Monday, a Danish based company (who also have a studio in New York). They specialise in contemporary print and web based design and have successfully designed this board game.

Copenhagen is a very modern city. Bicycle is the primary mode of transport around the city which is highlighted in the fact that the board game pieces are people on bikes. The city concentrates highly on being environmental with wind farms just off the coast outside the city. Even the game promotes wind turbines. The game uses a contemporary design to engage with people to help communicate the games contemporary social ideals which are in place in the actual city of Copenhagen. This is even mentioned on the We Are Sailing (the company who makes the game) website:

"An important parameter in the game if Copenhagen is to create visions of the future. We want to show the elements that symbolize how we see the future of the city and what we expect of it."

In the same way I want to use contemporary graphics to help engage people with philosophy and thinking. Graphic design engages. It can encourage thought. If something is well designed, people are more likely to trust what the design says. A good design can instinctively mean a good message when it comes to intuition.


As for the print process, the game and its packaging are highly likely to have been printed in a CMYK printing process due to the amount of colours in the design. The process could well have been flexographic due to the glossy surface of the game itself and the packaging. Flexography is likely to deal with this stock better than lithography. Stock would need to be durable if game pieces are to be moved around on it all the time. It would ware away easily otherwise. The money for the game may well have been lithographically printed with one black plate on different coloured stocks. The paper is thin and lithographic printing deals with thin paper very well. The game may not have exactly been cheap to print. However, this is probably why most board games are quite expensive. Not to mention the process of making all the pieces for the game which would involve metal cutting or moulding and plastics moulding.

We Are Sailing Logo

København Board Game

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