Sunday, 10 October 2010

hirsute history

This is a very interesting an definitely cool range of t-shirt designs that go under the tag line;

The term 'hirsute' means 'hairy'. So the stylised t-shirt designs are themed around these intellectual's and academic's hair. They are a cool take on making philosophy and academics more accessible and fun for people which is something I want to do in my work. As well as making it philosophy fun, it appeals to people already familiar in the field adding to the target market. However, I personally would like to create something more interactive that actually encourages thinking rather than simply stating who philosophised the greatest questions of all time and developed their own academically renowned ideas on them.

"Shirts featuring the hair of famous people. Not like 'Britney' famous, more like important. Well, mostly. Oh, and some beards too."


In terms of the print process. It is described on the website. It is a process described as 'plot printing':

"No, no, absolutely not. My shirts use a much nicer printing method known as plot printing. Instead of using digital transfers to convert bitmaps into designs, like cafe press, Spreadshirt allows me to use their crazy machines to apply highly durable richly colored inks onto fabric in vector based designs."

Plot printing is a method developed especially for printing t-shirts. It delivers a much more perfected quality of print to the t-shirt. The process is digital and can be applied to spot colour or CMYK. In the case of these t-shirts I am unsure although spot colour seems like it may be probable.

Here are some of the stylised t-shirt designs of some of history's greatest thinkers:


Albert Einstein + Actual T-Shirt

Carl Sagan

Charles Darwin

Marie Currie

Michael Faraday


Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Jean-Paul Sartre

Freidrich Nietzsche

Bertrand Russell

Baruch Spinoza

Soren Kirgegaard
Sigmund Freud

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Karl Marx


William Shakespeare

Oscar Wilde


Salvador Dali

Piet Mondrian


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Be seeing you!