Tuesday, 19 October 2010

in design workshop 2

In this In Design document, there are 8 technical mistakes that relate to commercial printing. The job that Will Duffy, Josh Dazeley and I have is to distinguish these mistakes. Here is the document:


1. There a 2 Pantone spot colours in the colour separations preview. This would mean that the document would be sent off to the printers and have 7 plates set up with these colours which would have to be paid for and they wouldn't even be used in the printing process. The two Panton colours at the bottom of the below image are not used in the design.

NOTE - To get rid of all colours that are unused, go to the little drop down menu in the top right of the swatches panel > select all unused and then delete those colours. This will prevent this mistake from occurring.

2. There is an RGB colour in the swatches panel. This should not be there as the document should be working in a CMYK system.

3. There is a missing link for the image of the tree. This would result in the tree not printing in full quality. It would print very pixellated resulting in a very annoyed client.

4. The 'bird 5.psd' image is in a resolution of 72 which would result in a poor quality print. It should be in 300.

5. The image 'bird 3.tif' is in RGB colour space. This would mean that the colours on screen would not print as they are seen as they will print in their nearest equivalent in CMYK. Incorrect colours would result in a disgruntled client.

6. On the first page of the In Design document, the colour ground has not been extended to the preset bleed line of 3mm which is set as a guideline to work to to compensate for errors in printing in relation to how centred the design is. This could mean that the design would print not centred with a white line along one of the edges where bleed was not compensated for.

7. The image 'bird 1.tif' has been scaled to 15.8%. As is is a .tiff file this would mean pixellation in the image resulting in a poor quality print.

8. On the back page, the text that says, "back page" is black. However, it is in registration black. This is the colour reserved for registration marks on the design for printing. This is bad practice. You should not use it in your design. The text also shows in every single separation preview meaning it will print on every print plate. This will apply too much ink to the paper.

NOTE - This can be checked on the Separations Preview and selecting 'Ink Limit' in the drop down box. Whatever appears red will have too much ink applied to it.

  • By going to File > Package... you can view specifications of the file to make sure everything is in working order before printing. This is sometimes called 'preflighting'.
  • Make sure you send off a file with all the images and fonts that are contained within the document to the printer so that everything prints correctly. Some fonts that are paid for produce a grey area here. However, it is an unwritten rule that it is okay to send off files of expensive, paid for fonts to printers to makes sure that they print correctly.
  • To make a PDF in In Design go to File > Adobe PDF Presets. To send a suitable file for viewing on a computer you would save the file as [Smallest File Size]. For commercial printing, it is best to save the PDF as [Press Quality]. It is best to discuss with the printer about any specifics for the file such as bleed and crop marks etc.
  • It is possible to send In Design files as PDF files to printers also. Make sure they are [Press Quality], as just mentioned.
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