Monday, 4 October 2010

intuitionism and recognising 'good'


Intuitionism is a
Cognitivist theory. The reason for this is because G.E. Moore said that it is still possible to decide whether a statement is true or false without using our five senses. This is because we use our “moral intuition”. Although we cannot explain how we know something is good, we will still recognise goodness when we see it. We just know if something is good or not. So Intuitionism is a Cognitivist theory because we can decide whether a moral statement is true or false through our own intuition.

Moore explained this by saying that it is like trying to describe the colour yellow to a blind person. We cannot describe it without giving examples of yellow things rather than describing the colour it’s self. But we still know what yellow is when we see it. In the same way, we recognise goodness intuitively.

Moore’s conclusion was, “If I am asked “what is good?” My answer is that good is good, and that is the end of the matter.”

G.E. Moore

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