Thursday, 21 October 2010

2010 monopoly 75th anniversary edition

The latest Monopoly design, released this year, has certainly turned some heads by taking a new visual direction for the 75th anniversary of the game entitled Monopoly Revolution. 'Revolution' speaks a lot about the concept of design. The game designers has dropped the classic square board design and have opted for a slick, circular board design. The design is certainly modern. The form follows the function. Clearly they have emphasised on the concept of going 'round' the board which had dictated the form of everything else on the board. 'Revolution' works as a pun as hinting on the circular aspect of the game and the forward thinking element.

Everything had been minimalised from the houses to the playing pieces. At first, my opinion was much in the direction of the classic design. However, the more I analyse this, the more I see that it is a revolution in board game design - aethetic and product. The design is forward thinking and transcends traditional board game design and bringing it to a very high brow level of design.


As for the print process, it is highly likely to be very much the same as the København board game. That is - in a nutshell - either lithographically or flexographically printed with CMYK colours. The link provides more information.

Perhaps this design was influenced somewhat by this very old, pre 1934 version of Monopoly. Old design can definitely influence the new:

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