Wednesday, 20 October 2010

nicole charshaf - taurine typeface design

Nicole Charshaf put together this design as a form of promoting the Taurine typeface. The typeface is supposed to be a less serious version of typefaces such as Bodoni and Didot.

However, what I am more concerned with is how the quote has been presented the quote - which is from British novelist Ian Fleming - is presented in an interesting, contemporary way. This engages the viewer and allows them to take in the information conveyed. The design encourages how the quote is interpreted. This is what I want to do to the general academic, book-related stereotype of philosophy. Use contemporary design to make it appealing to the everyday person and make the everyday person question their life and contemplate such matters as whether it has a purpose or not and whether they are utilising themselves as a human being and getting the essence out of existing.

This (on an earlier blog post) is NOT what I want to do.

This is moving more in the direction of what I want to achieve:

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