Monday, 11 October 2010

the saucy fish co.

The Saucy Fish Co. have recently been spotted by Tesco and have been selling their products in Tesco stores nationwide since January 2010.

Being a revolution in cooking technology with a "no mess, no smell" tag line, The Saucy Fish Co.'s oven bake foil bag that contains the fish dish allows for simple cooking simply by removing the foil bag from the cardboard packaging and shoving it in the oven to cook.

Sadly, most attention has been driven to the products innovative technology in design rather than it's actual packaging design which is quite nice. However, this does not mean that it does not account for the procedure of putting the packaging together.

In terms of 'What is Good?', this is a great example of a product range and how branding unifies a range of products. This will be considered in my work.

PRINT PROCESS - Colour, Stock, Cost, Printing Method

What makes this packaging great is that it is simply a cardboard piece of packaging with the foil bag of fish inside. This immediately saves costs on the product.

In terms of the print process, it is likely to be a lithographic printing process as the high quality result tends to appeal to the point of sale and point of purchase industry. It could also have been done flexographically, although due to the packaging simply being cardboard, flexographic printing is not demanded. There appear to be 3 colours in each piece of packaging. This could call for spot colour printing with pantone colours. This could be likely due to the colours on each package are pretty vibrant. This may call for a wider colour spectrum that CMYK is not capable of reaching, hence the potential need for spot colour printing. Especially as a couple of designs sport vibrant orange and green which are notably difficult to print with process colours.

Spot colour printing may perhaps be more expensive to print, although it is totally down to the manufacturers of the product if they are willing to pay a bit more. As long as this distinction is clear between client and designer, the job will be done properly, and to the desirable cost of the client.

Foil Bake Bags

Fish and Sauce


Fish Counter Display

Media Launch

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