Sunday, 24 October 2010

the varieties of monopoly

Since Monopoly was first invented, hundreds of different themes have been adapted to the concept of the game. This has certainly made the game more accessible to people who may not necessarily be interested in the straightforward concept of buying and selling in the game. By allowing - for example - a fan of the Beatles to buy 'Abbey Road Studio' as opposed to 'Mayfair', the concept of the game becomes far more appealing to a wider audience, and at the same time, the theme that is working in conjunction with the game is promoted and made more accessible to the general public in an amusing, informal way.

This is why I am applying the theme of 'Philosophy' to Monopoly.

Here are some weird and wonderful varieties of Monopoly that have hit the shelves in the past:

American Chopper Monopoly

Batman Monopoly

The Beatles Monopoly

Coca-Cola Monopoly

Disney Pixar Monopoly

ESPN Monopoly

Hard Rock Cafe Monopoly


Looney Tunes Monopoly

Nintendo Monopoly

Star Trek Monopoly

The Simpsons Monopoly

Ultimate James Bond Monopoly

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