Tuesday, 26 October 2010

we - eugene zamaitin

This is a novel that I will eventually get around to reading. After reading about the plot, I noticed the cover design. I recognised the significance of the design as relating to old Soviet design originating from the school of V'Khutemas. Subsequently I discovered that the novel was written in 1921 in Soviet Russia. The design is an appropriate and successful visual accompaniment for the novel. The alternative cover plays with image cleverly by working with the concept of togetherness and building that is hinted in the title of the novel, 'We'. It doesn't hint so much on old Soviet design but works successfully in a conceptual manner to create a lovely contemporary design.

Contemporary design is engaging. I hope to employ this into my designs to visually modernise philosophy.

Being book covers, they are likely to have been lithographically printed, be it a sleeve for a hardback edition or for a paperback. The colours on both designs are minimal allowing for relatively cheap print production. The original cover design could well have been spot colour printed.

Original Cover

Alternative Cover (As Part of 'Vintage' Series)

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