Sunday, 14 November 2010

christoph niemann

Christoph Niemann is one of my favourite illustrators/designers. His work is something that I would love to eventually aspire to. One of the reasons why I like his work so much is due to the subtle aspect of communication that it offers. Each piece of work he produces has the ability to suggest a multitude of communicative aspects.

Niemann has the great ability to make interesting and apt relations in his image-based work in order to suggest something unique and interesting. A conceptual quality that stands up equally to the visual standard of his work. 

Flicking between New York and Germany (his home country), Niemann has built up an impressive and extensive portfolio after working for world renown clients such as The New Yorker. He still maintains his status in the industry working independently as an illustrator.

His work is produced on a very quick turn around ranging from days to perhaps a couple of weeks. Essentially, life as an illustrator is very fast paced. It relies on smooth dialogue between client and illustrator/designer. Due to the short deadlines, a brief might consist of a few ideas emailed over to the client, with the client simply choosing their favourite to be produced into the final thing. This is why client/designer dialogue should be smooth and positive. This is something that Niemann has to deal with on a very regular basis.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite pieces.

This is a really interesting take on Christoph Niemann's life as a designer. Basically, if he was to have a PPD blog, this is what he would put on it! It is certainly an inspirational way to document my ongoing development as a designer/illustrator.

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