Sunday, 14 November 2010


Metaklinika have produced this very engaging design for Summit of Cheap Laser Graphic's 2 year report. What is clever about this design is that it reflects the company through how the costs of printing are saved in production of the book. The design works with only two colours + the stock it is on. This would definitely save on costs. Conceptually it works due to the company's ethos. With the two colour system, there is the option of being able to precisely choose a colour from a colour system such as Pantone. By doing this, only two colour rollers would be needed in the print process. Black (Key) and the yellow. As the stock is some grade of paper, the print process is likely to be litho. So:

PROCESS - spot colour litho (2 colour) black (key) + Unknown Pantone yellow
STOCK - Unknown gsm of bleach white paper

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