Monday, 8 November 2010

the panopticon

After consideration of how to apply a philosophically based concept to the 'Jail' aspect of my Monopoly game, I realised that The Panopticon (designed by Jeremy Bentham who happens to be on my Monopoly board as a 'property') works very well for the idea. Not only because of the metaphorically philosophical implications of the design that are strongly referred to in Michel Foucault's work - which is summarised in this series of lecture notes I made - , but also because of the strikingly notable visual aspect of the prison design. These images suggest how a circular, contemporarily designed symbol can be created for the imagery of 'The Panopticon' in place of 'Jail' on a Monopoly board:

Bentham's original architectural design for the Panopticon

Explained Panopticon design

Another Panoptic design

Aerial diagram of Panoptic prison

Photo of a Panoptically inspired prison

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