Tuesday, 9 November 2010

we are sailing - clown board game

A very slickly designed board game from the same guys who designed København. The game has a fitting philosophical concept that works alongside the design. This is accompanied by a contemporary design as a form of engaging the player with the issues raised in the game. This is exactly what I want to do in my game!

Here is how We Are Sailing define the game: (This can be found here.)

"Clown was born from the desire to produce a game based on good values.Along with the humanitarian organization Clowns Without Borders, we have designed a game whose aim is to, through cooperation, sharing laughter and joy in the world. Not just in games but in reality when ten percent of the game's proceeds will go to Clowns Without Borders work.

Clowns Without Borders' mission is to spread laughter, joy and hope by sending clowns and performers, children and communities affected by war, conflict and other crises around the world. Clowns Without Borders uses humor and fun to maintain human dignity and to give children and adults the opportunity to develop.

The game's idea is to highlight the Clowns Without Borders' efforts to spread the laughter in the world. The players will build a circus tent over the world, which symbolizes the work of Clowns Without Borders does for children at risk around the world. The building most tents and thus spread the most laughs wins the game."

Be seeing you!

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