Wednesday, 8 December 2010

bbc 2 idents 1991-2001

There was definitely something revolutionary about the BBC 2 idents that are in this video. They more or less set off the craze of creativity within idents for channels which can be seen on most channels today. The best thing about the idents is that a lot of the time they don't even have to make sense. They just have to look cool. In terms of BBC 2 they simply have to involve the numerical character '2'. However, some idents definitely communicate something about the type of programs that they show on BBC. That is, factual, scientific, documentary and political (generally aimed at an older more mature audience). This is evident through idents such as the natural one at 1:07 which is again played in in the gorilla at 2:04. Other idents that seem more artistic definitely play on a scientific theme by making use of gravity, and properties of different materials such as liquids, powder, light and even explosives. From one perspective it can be seen as a great binding of science and art!

There is definitely something sinister about the music in the idents! I remember seeing most of these as a young kid and thinking how eerie the music was! Is it even music? I suppose it's just weird sounds.

Anyway, they're a good watch and certainly a good example of how design can be used for screen. And let's not forget their purpose... Something for the screen while a program is introduced. They are definitely interesting and do the job successfully.

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