Wednesday, 8 December 2010

piet mondrian composition

Yet another example of an animation that makes good use of zoom to give the illusion of 3 dimensions. I've always liked Mondrian's work since studying it in quite a bit of detail in the past. This animation relies highly on the aesthetic quality of the work in order to create the animation in that the lines and boxes in the paintings are constantly moving and changing to form other works by the artist. It's a nice touch how it's not just random compositions in a 'Mondrian-esque' way that are being put together, but genuine representations of his paintings from the particular period in his life that he painted like this. (Most people are unfamiliar with Mondrian's early and very late works which offer very different qualities, but when compared in relation to each other, a clear distinguishable development can be seen.)

A fascinating animation for a fascinating artist. (It's interesting to note that the concept of the animation has nothing to do with the De Stijl concept of Mondrian's work. It simply focusses on the aesthetic aspects.)

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