Wednesday, 12 January 2011

the beatles rock band trailer

This trailer for The Beatles Rock Band encapsulates a lot of the elements that I mentioned that occur in the Yellow Submarine film and the video for Free as a Bird. Much like Free as a Bird, this promotion has a very large amount of references to The Beatles back catalogue of songs. This makes for a relevant amusing video. Psychedelic overtones are extremely prominent towards the latter half of the video. This proves that this is synonymous with The Beatles. Particularly as The Beatles Rock Band was released 41 years after the Yellow Submarine animated film. It is interesting how the psychedelia of the late 1960s is being perceived in a postmodern context with advanced technology.

I intend to interpret it in my own way also in my animation.

This is actually a really top notch work of graphics and animation. It is definitely worth a watch! The transition from 2D to 3D is incredibly well achieved.

Be seeing you!

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