Wednesday, 12 January 2011

the beatles - yellow submarine (animated film)

This is highly influential for my top 10 title sequence video that I intend to produce. Although it is an end sequence it works in the same way as a title sequence in many respects. The Beatles animation is renowned for being very psychedelic. Not just for it's weird and wonderful content but for the style of animation. It differs to conventional animation that is pristine and smooth. An example might be the Disney animation of the time. The Beatles animation provides an addition to the psychedelic aura through relatively stuttery sequences of movement that goes hand in hand with the twisted perception of things in the animated film.

This kind of animation has become synonymous with The Beatles and psychedelia. A good postmodern example of its usage is in the video for Oasis's song All Around the World which makes use of very similar animation (most likely due to the fact that Oasis were highly influenced musically by The Beatles so this influence probably just seeped into their videography.)

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