Wednesday, 26 January 2011

what bbc channel?

I've established that I want my sequence to be for a program to be broadcast by the BBC. But I need to decide what channel. In September 2009, the BBC staged a 'Beatles Week' that was packed with programs and documentaries about them. (I remember as I watched a lot of it myself!) Through this, I think I've found my holy grail of justification for which channel to produce my animation for:

So it's a choice between BBC2 and BBC4. Both channels are similar in some respects as they both tend to show programs that are relatively artistic and factually orientated. However, BBC2 generally shows programs aimed at a wider, more popular audience. BBC4 is much more recently established and is much more specialist in the field of arts - for example - I saw that they broadcast a 200th anniversary of Chopin concert.

Due to BBC 2's more open audience as a TV channel, I will be making my title sequence bearing in mind that it will be broadcast on:


This is important for my 10 second stings for the program as they will circle around the fact that they will be shown on BBC2.

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