Monday, 7 March 2011

drambuie marketing and promotion

Drambuie is a scotch malt whiskey based liqueur. With Glayva being a scotch blend whiskey based liqueur, this places Drambuie as a close competitor in the market. By looking at how Drambuie market themselves it helps to understand the target market more. Particularly as Whyte & Mackay underline Drambuie as being a liqueur that they want Glayva to be associated with.

What is good here is that Drambuie tackle the fact that it can be enjoyed with mixers and not just on its own. This is a problem in the Glayva brief that Whyte & Mackay have set.

The target audience becomes apparent when you watch the advert. It's clearly aimed at men. However, the static advertisement that I have found does not indicate this too well.

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