Tuesday, 8 March 2011

london black cab advertising

Taxi advertising:

"offers a cost effective, flexible outdoor advertising solution. Reaching a mass audience of millions on a daily basis delivering your brand to the heart of the City Centre."

according to taxiadvertising.com who are a London-based company that specialise in making black cab advertising happen.

They provide a statistic:

This makes black cab advertising a very good way for a company to get their name out there. It seems suitable for Glayva as the kind of individuals that they want the liqueur to be associated with will be ferried around in black cabs. They tend to cost more and Whyte & Mackay outline that their audience will pay more for quality.

They are also situated in London - the target point for our campaign as a way of promoting Glayva to the rest of the UK. As well as London, they produce black cabs all over the country which is great for UK recognition.

Here are some examples:

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