Monday, 7 March 2011

pimms marketing and promotion

In the Whyte & Mackay brief, they also outline Pimms as a wannabe contemporary. This seems interesting to me as they market themselves very differently compared to Cointreau, Drambuie and Disarrono who all have a much more sophisticated approach. Pimms's marketing strategy is much more humorous. However, it nevertheless maintains a very middle class feel. There is something very Monty-Python-esque about their approach to marketing. This probably wouldn't suit Glayva. However, it is good to recognise a direction not to move in.

Pimms pride themselves on the slogans, "It's Pimms O'Clock!" and "Anyone for Pimms?"

Regardless of the difference with the other brands mentioned, I think that Pimms have one of the most successful advertising campaigns of all of them.

For Glayva, Chris and I need to think how we can create a form of promotion that is sophisticated yet unique.

A very interesting medium of promotion

Of course one of Pimms's most successful and memorable campaigns in recent years was when they hired Alexander Armstrong to play a character called 'Harry' who appears in a very disparate series of locations distributing Pimms to everybody including a prison camp, wedding, environmental protest and a wood where bank robbers are burying money.

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